Adhesive Tags

Fully customizable with a wide variety of uses, our custom adhesive tags provide no nonsense stick-and-stay ease and simplicity. From labels for your assets, inventory, pallets, post, products, and shelves to industrial and professional labels for harsh environments, our self adhesive tags will cover your needs. Choose to have your tags manufactured from a variety of materials, from paper to durable synthetic stocks in rolled, sheeted, or fan-folded formats.

  • Asset Tags are available in just a few standard adhesive types. Most Property ID tags are provided with a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive to assure they will not be removed from tagged property. The adhesion properties of barcode stickers increase to their most effective after the first 72 hours of initial application. Asset labels are intended to last the useful life of the property they identify and are rarely removed before those items are discarded or retired from service.

  • Industries Used: Freight, Fulfillment, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation, Warehouse & Distribution

  • Healthcare icon Adhesive Tags can be used in Health care Industry
    Retails icon Adhesive Tags can be used on Retail Stores
    Logistics icon Adhesive Tags Mostly used in Logistics Industry for Asset Managemnet and Tracking
    Manufacturing icon Manufacturing Industry uses Adhesive Tags
    Government icon Adhesive Tags used in various Government Sectors
    Travel & Leisure icon Adhesive Tags for Travel & Leisure
    Special Materials icon Adhesive Tags for Special Materials

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