Barcode Labels

A label is a piece of paper, polymer, cloth, metal, or other material affixed to a container or article, on which is printed a legend, information concerning the product, addresses.

  • As an industry-expert,we have the state-of-the-art technology for producing barcode labels. Our knowledge and experience with customized solutions for your variable or static barcode labels and barcode symbology allow us to offer you the quality and precision you expect on your custom barcode labels. All barcodes are verified in-line, real time so you can be assured that every barcode meets ANSI specifications.
    We will work with you to provide the best custom barcode labels possible. Whether it’s static or variable, ladder or picket, variable font sizes, or verification of custom-checked digits, we cover all of your needs.
  • We manufacture all the following types of labels :

    • Self Adhesive Stickers,& Product Labels
    • Bar code Labels,Tags,Thermal Ribbon, Printers & Scanners
    • Hologram, Holographic,Hot Stamping Foil Labels in Multicolour
    • Computer Labels, A-4,Size Sheet, in all Different Size (Printed/plain)
    • Security Labels,Void Film, Temper Evident Film, Serial No Labels.
    • PVC,& Polyester Labels, Silver & Gold Metallised Paper.No Look Film.
    • Pharmacy/Medical Lab Test Labels, Logistics,Shipping,Courier, Labels.
    • Tattoo's,Transfer Labels, Poly Carbonates Decoration Labels.
    • Anodized Metal Labels,Domes, Decals.Fluorescent
    • Poster, Calendars, Catalogue, Broach er, Cardboard Boxes & Offset Printers and many more ideas that work for you
  • Healthcare icon Barcode Labels can be used in Health care Industry
    Retails icon Barcode Labels can be used on Retail Stores
    Logistics icon Barcode Labels Mostly used in Logistics Industry for Asset Managemnet and Tracking
    Manufacturing icon Manufacturing Industry uses Barcode Labels
    Government icon Barcode Labels used in various Government Sectors
    Travel & Leisure icon Barcode Labels for Travel & Leisure
    Special Materials icon Barcode Labels for Special Materials

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