Name Labels

Name labels for school are super durable and completely waterproof so they'll last through the toughest dishwasher cycle. Name labels will also work in the freezer, microwave and steriliser. You can buy our labels in single or value name labels kits, so there'll be a perfect pack for all your little one's needs.Name labels are ideal for daycare, preschool, kindy, school and even nursing homes.

  • Durable range of name labels for school will help your kid's belongings find their way home. Sticking these personalised name labels for kids on to all their things will mean no more lost property! Get kids labels for lunch boxes, drink bottles, shoes, pencils and books. Name labels for school will help your child to identify all their personal belongings. You can add your child’s name, telephone number on to their name labels, along with their favourite colour and design. Our range of name labels are incredibly durable and amazingly affordable.

  • When you want a label that stands out from the crowd, don't look past our Personalised Labels.

    When you need a label for plastic lunchboxes or snack containers, a Large Name Label will make sure they're easy to find and, even better, easy to return. Use a Large Name Label on Drink Bottles to make them easy to spot after sports days and events.

  • Healthcare icon Name Labels can be used in Health care Industry
    Retails icon Name Labels can be used on Retail Stores
    Logistics icon Name Labels Mostly used in Logistics Industry for Asset Managemnet and Tracking
    Manufacturing icon Manufacturing Industry uses Name Labels
    Government icon Name Labels used in various Government Sectors
    Travel & Leisure icon Name Labels for Travel & Leisure
    Special Materials icon Name Labels for Special Materials

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