Barcode Vault- Anti-shop lifting solution provider:

 Barcode Vault a leading retail security and loss prevention company in India has introduced a new rage of affordable retail security solutions. The company has launched an innovative range of affordable and advanced EAS loss prevention solutions for retailer's needs.

The company has come up with an array of retail loss solutions including 
RFID tags, EAS Systems including Sensormatic Systems, Checkpoint Signature Series®, QS2000® Dual Pedestal System, Knogo High Frequency Ranger® System, EAS tags including Acousto-Magnetic, Electro-Magnetic tags, High-Frequency tags, Labels & Soft Tags, Lanyards, EAS security ink tags and ink pins and more.

Barcode Vault has a large range of retails loss prevention products. The company offers support and products sales through their website at ( ).

Apart from the new range of retail security products, the website include a wide of product catalog including a wide range of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products in all technologies, including Acousto-Magnetic (AM), Radio-Frequency (RF), and Electro-Magnetic (EM) frequencies.  The company sells brand new, quality products including security tags, pins, ink pins, hand-held and electronic (power) security tag detachers and removers, retail security door/exit alarm systems, labels, lanyards, and much more.

The company Established in 1997 in Dwarka India has been serving the world with retail loss prevention products. The company provides active retails loss business in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and UAE