Epson 536Wi Short Throw Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector

More Immersive Projection, Less Interference

Project large screen sizes even at close range and make your presentations larger-than-life with Epson EB-536Wi projector.White and Colour Brightness at 3,400lm

        WXGA Resolution
        Multi-PC projection
        HDMI Connectivity
        Pen Interactivity

        • Superb Short-throw Performance
          Impressive Screen Size at Close Range
          Deliver uninterrupted presentations every time with Epson EB-536Wi projector. This projector boasts a throw ratio as low as 0.48, allowing you to project an 80-inch large screen from just 83cm away.

          Reduced Shadow Interference & Minimised Glare
          The short throw distance also significantly reduces glare on the presenter and shadow interference on the screen, making the viewing experience conducive and comfortable for everyone in the room.

          Enhanced Interactivity Features
          Interactive Pen
          Enliven your presentations with the projector’s interactive function. The interactive pen provided effectively turns your screen into a large drawing board. You can freely annotate on projected content, making your presentations lively and highly engaging. The higher pen accuracy and response speed make drawing as instant as writing with a normal marker pen.

          By connecting the projector to a PC via USB cable, you can use the interactive pen like a PC mouse to select and control elements on the screen for greater flexibility.

          PC-free Interactive Functionality
          Write on the projector screen like a whiteboard, without a PC input source. With this original feature by Epson, you can annotate on screen without any PC connection to create compelling presentations. The PC-free Interactive mode also allows two people to write simultaneously, with two pens operating at the same time for greater interactivity.

          Extend your Interactive Reach
          Get more out of your Interactive Pen with the Interactive Pen Extension*. With a longer pen, your interactive experience is enhanced as shadow interference is minimised even when the projector is placed on the table. 

          *Optional accessory

          Ease of Set-up
          Projector set-up is simply plug-and-play, with a one-time Auto Calibration and Auto Resolution Adjustment. No driver installation is required except for Mac OS users.

          On-screen Projector Operation
          With on-screen projector operation, you’ll be able to easily operate your projector even if the remote control is not close at hand. Perform basic projector operation functions such as power on, source change, volume adjustment and mute, simply by selecting the icons shown on the screen.

          Eco-friendly and Cost-efficient
          Longer Lamp Life
          With a long lamp life of 10,000 hours in eco-mode, the frequency of costly lamp replacements is reduced, saving you time and money.

          Light Optimiser
          Save energy consumption and do your part for the environment with the eco-friendly Light Optimiser function. This feature automatically adjusts projection brightness according to image content brightness, giving you power and cost savings. This function can be turned on/off according to your preference. 

          Flexible Positioning
          Effective Use of Space
          Epson EB-536Wi gives you greater possibilities for all kinds of creative applications, even in areas with limited space. The projector can be mounted on a wall or set on a desktop and is effective on any surface, be it a flat wall, a whiteboard or even a chalkboard.

          This means you can maximise the use of limited classroom or office space by turning any existing board into a projection surface. Despite the limited space, bright and large projections are still easily achievable. 

          The Horizontal Keystone Adjuster and Auto Vertical Keystone features allow you to quickly and intuitively correct any projection image slant due to projector placement angle. Calibration for interactivity is also quick and easy. Simply press the Auto Calibration button for 3 seconds and you can begin to use the interactive pens for your presentation right away.

          Wide Range of Connectivity
          Full Compatibility
          Advanced connectivity features mean convenient and hassle-free projections of your presentations. With wide-ranging interfaces, Epson EB-536Wi not only corresponds with multiple conventional analogue sources, they are also compatible with HDMI input.

          Epson iProjection*
          With the iProjection application for both iOS and Android, wireless projection from a smart device is made possible. This feature supports various files and allows you to present your smartphone contents with ease. iProjection also corresponds with your smartphone's touch-screen operations, such as flicking to turn pages and pinching to zoom in or out.

          * In iProjection, projector profile search, multi-screen display, distribution function, audio transfer, movie file transfer, interrupt connection disabling and encryption data transfer capabilities are not supported. 

          USB 3-in-1 Display
          Image projection, sound transmission and mouse operation can all be conveniently carried out with a single USB connection, eliminating the hassle of separate and messy cabling. 

          EasyMP Network Projection
          The EasyMP Network Projection enables users to configure both wired and wireless connections with high-quality audio output and conduct meetings simultaneously in up to four different locations. 

          EasyMP Monitor
          The EasyMP Monitor lets you efficiently monitor and configure multiple networked projectors from a single PC. You also have the ability to broadcast messages to all projectors for announcements or emergencies.

          Multi-PC Projection
          With the control of a host PC, up to 50 terminals can be connected via the multi-PC projection to a single projector. The host PC acts as a moderator, selecting media from up to four PCs or smart devices to be projected simultaneously. With the moderator function, you can maintain control and prevent tampering of what’s projected on screen.

          SMART Notebook Software
          Easily create dynamic contents to deliver impactful interactive lessons and bring learning to life. Featuring a host of design features, multimedia resources and customisable game-based activity templates, this collaborative learning software gives you all the tools you need to enrich your interactive classroom experience. With a variety of artistic pens, create attractive real-time drawings and annotations and add more colours to your lessons. What’s more, teacher and student devices can be leveraged to drive discussion, assessment and content creation.

        • Projection Technology:

          Projection Technology:RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system (3LCD)


          White Light Output (Normal/Eco):3,400lm / 1,900lmColour Light Output:3,400lm


          Analog Input:D-Sub 15 pin; 2 (Blue)
          Composite; RCA x 1 (Yellow)
          S-Video; 1Digital Input:HDMI; 1

          Contrast Ratio:

          Contrast Ratio:16,000:1

          Screen Size (Projected Distance):

          Zoom : Wide:53" - 116" [0.54 - 1.22 m]Zoom : Tele:39" - 860" [0.54 - 1.22 m]

          Operating Temperature:

          Operating Temperature:5 - 35 °C <41 - 95 °F>

          Operating Altitude:

          Operating Altitude:0 - 3,000 m <0 - 9,843 ft>

          Start-Up Period:

          Start-Up Period:Less than 7 seconds, Warm-up period: 30 seconds

          Cool Down Period:

          Cool Down Period:Instant Off

          Internal Speaker(s):

          Sound Output:16W Monaural

          Power Consumption (220 - 240V):

          Lamp On (Normal/Eco):298W / 221WStand By (Network On / Off):2.1W / 0.28W

          Dimension Excluding Feet (W x H x D):

          Dimension Excluding Feet (W x H x D):314.5 x 344 x 94 mm



          Fan Noise:

          Fan Noise (Normal / Eco):37dB / 29dB


          Power Supply Voltage:100 - 240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz

          Main Parts Specification:

          LCD:Size; 0.59" with MLA (D8)
          Native Resolution; WXGAVideo Output:Monitor Out; 1

          Optical Systems:

          Lens:Type; No Optical Zoom / Focus (Manual)
          F-Number; 1.6
          Focal Length; 6.4 mm
          Zoom Ratio; 1.0 - 1.35 (Digital Zoom)
          Throw Ratio; 0.48 - 0.65 (Wide - Tele)Lamp:Life (Normal/Eco)*1; 5,000 hours / 10,000 hours
          Type; 215W UHE

          Keystone Correction:

          Vertical/Horizontal:±7° / ±5°

          Audio Input:

          Stereo Mini Jack:2RCA (White/Red):Yes

          Audio Output:

          Stereo Mini-jack:1


          USB Type A:1 (for USB Memory, USB Document Camera, Wireless LAN, Firmware Update, Copy OSD Settings)USB Type B:1 (for USB Display, Mouse, K/B,Control, Firmware Update, Interactive,Copy OSD Settings)Microphone Input:Stereo Mini Jack; 1

          Control I/O:

          RS-232C:D-Sub 9pin x 1


          Wired LAN:RJ45 x 1 (100Mbps)Wireless:Optional (ELPAP07)

          Interactive Specification:

          Basic Specification:Input Devices; Digital Pen (Easy Interactive Pen A and B)Interactive Unit:Supported Screen Size; 53" - 116" [0.54 - 1.22 m] (Zoom: Wide), 40" - 86" [0.54 - 1.22 m] (Zoom: Tele) 
          Technology; Infrared
          Input Devices; Digital Pen (Easy Interactive Pen A and B)
          Connection To Computer; USB
          Supports Multiple Input Simultaneously; Yes
          Calibration; Auto, Manual (25 Points)

          Input Devices:

          Interactive Pen:Size; 161 x 24 mm Dia. (maximum)
          Weight (Excluding Batteries); 30g
          Side Button; Yes

          PC Free Annotation Tool:

          Driver Install:No NeedMulti Pen Support:Yes
          Up To 2 Types Of PensWhiteboard Function:Yes
        • Healthcare icon Epson 536Wi Short Throw Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector can be used in Health care Industry
          Retails icon Epson 536Wi Short Throw Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector can be used on Retail Stores
          Logistics icon Epson 536Wi Short Throw Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector Mostly used in Logistics Industry for Asset Managemnet and Tracking
          Manufacturing icon Manufacturing Industry uses Epson 536Wi Short Throw Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector
          Government icon Epson 536Wi Short Throw Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector used in various Government Sectors
          Travel & Leisure icon Epson 536Wi Short Throw Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector for Travel & Leisure
          Special Materials icon Epson 536Wi Short Throw Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector for Special Materials

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