Deactivator will quickly and permanently deactivate any  security label at the point-of-sale. An audible beep will indicate that the label has been permanently deactivated.

SD-201(RF Deactivator)

Frequency: 8.2MHz

Dimension: 245mmx235mm

SD-204(AM Deactivator)

Frequency: 58KHz

Dimension: 215mmx190mmx60mm

SD-203(AM Deactivator)

Frequency: 58K

Dimension: 230mmx190mmx55mm

SD-301C(RF/AM Verifier)


Dimension: 280mmx60mm

SD-303(AM Manual Detacher)

Frequency: 58KHz

Dimension: 185mmx90mm

SD-303B(AM Table Top)

Frequency: 58KHz

Dimension: 150mmx102mm

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