Producing high quality products and services is one of the very highest business priorities at Barcode Vault. As a hardware technology company, we realize that in order for Barcode Vault to provide our customers with complete satisfaction, we must provide them with perfect products, supported by exceptional and caring customer service.

With our Total Quality Management process as our cornerstone, Barcode Vault has proven to be very effective in creating and implementing high levels of quality in all of our business practices.

Zero defects, 100% customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement, are our benchmarks; thousands of happy customers world-wide is our testimony.

Some of the key elements in the Barcode Vault Quality Program include:

  • Absolute understanding of customer needs and expectations
  • Insuring that Barcode Vault has the resources to meet and exceed customer requirements
  • Ongoing measurement of customer satisfaction
  • Root cause analysis and closed-loop corrective action process
  • Selection of vendors based on ability to provide quality, not just low cost
  • Clear communication to suppliers of our Product requirements
  • Incoming inspection
    Supplier quality yield measurement
  • Supplier quality training
  • Design for quality in manufacturing
  • EVT, DVT, MVT, MP product development process
  • SOP assembly methods
  • Employee training and certification
  • First pass production yield rate measurement
  • Life testing
  • On-going reliability testing
  • Executive leadership of the Barcode Vault Quality Philosophy
  • Barcode Vault cross-functional quality team for quality assurance
  • Quality training programs
  • Incentives for quality performance