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Over the past several years, there have been some interesting developments in barcoding solutions for improved processes in government agencies. The use of barcoding technology is already widespread for some functions within the public sector, such as in libraries, with the process of checking in and checking out books and other materials. But for those proposing innovative uses of barcodes, current technology allows for far more than these traditional applications. Identification cards can be tied to attendance records, meal plan management systems and electronic payment accounts, as well.

In other government applications, there are even more possibilities. Mobile scanners and printers enable more efficient and accurate issuing of electronic citations for parking monitors and inspectors, and these devices can communicate this information back to a central system in real time. Scanners and printers can also streamline and help ensure accuracy in the process of issuing these documents.

Barcode printers and scanners can also provide a much needed solution for record keeping, allowing you to track document movement and inventory, which is often a challenge for governmental departments bound by open records laws.

In a time when everyone especially those who work with schools, libraries and the public sector is being asked to do more with less, barcoding technology is a cost-effective mechanism to improve departmental organization and performance. It can also help free up valuable human capital to work on areas where such organizations may be stretched thin.

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  • Paper Labels
    Paper Labels
    A label is a piece of paper, polymer, cloth, metal, or other material affixed to a container or article, on which is printed a legend, information concerning the product, addresses, etc. Labels have many uses: product identification, name tags, advertising, warnings, and other communication. Special types of labels called digital labels (printed through a digital printing) can also have special constructions such as RFID tags, security printing, and sandwich process labels
  • Zebra LS 2208 Barcode Scanner
    Zebra LS 2208 Barcode Scanner
    Barcode vault provides you the affordable Zebra LS2208 hand-held barcode scanner provides fast, reliable scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form, one of the most selling scanners in zebra family, we have zebra LS 2208 scanners in USB as well as zebra LS 2208 with rs 232  interface which we have ready stock.
  • Citizen CT S280 Thermal Bill Printer
    Citizen CT S280 Thermal Bill Printer

    The Citizen CT-S280 features drop-in paper loading that's convenient, a low maintenance and compact design, Fast, 80 mm/sec, low noise printing plus the ability to add user-defined characters and logos via flash memory.

  • Fargo C50 ID Card Printer
    Fargo C50 ID Card Printer
    Barcode vault provides you Fargo C50 ID card printer. Simple affordable and reliable ID card printer. Specially designed for Business, schools and government agencies.
  • Fargo Card Printer ECO YMCKO 250 Color Ribbon
    Fargo Card Printer ECO YMCKO 250 Color Ribbon

    Fargo 45015 YMCKO ribbons are used for printing a combination of full-color images and one-color text or barcodes.

    Portable, pad type deactivator unit allows for extremely fast & easy deactivation of RF labels & tags at point of sale.
  • Asure ID 7 Solo
    Asure ID 7 Solo

    Entry-level ID Badge Software by HID. Asure ID 7 Solo Badge Software can hold up to 200 ID entries with an internal MS Access database. Easy image import feature, 1D barcode & mag stripe capabilities. Single User License. Support Option Available.

  • Zebra ZD510 HC Wristband Desktop Printer
    Zebra ZD510 HC Wristband Desktop Printer


    Patient wristbands are the foundation for a safer, more efficient process for delivering care. The ZD510-HC Wristband Printing solution combines the reliable ZD510-HC printer with easy-to-load cartridges containing the only antimicrobial-coated wristbands on the market - Zebra's Z-Band® wristbands. Offering comprehensive connectivity options, a disinfectant-ready UV-resistant housing and the powerful Print DNA suite of applications, utilities, and developer tools, the ZD510-HC increases staff productivity and patient safety. The ZD510-HC is validated for use with leading Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) systems, including Allscripts, CareFusion, Cerner, CPSI, Epic, and McKesson. Also capable of printing wristbands for amusement, water-park, and entertainment applications, the ZD510-HC is the industry's easiest to use and most dependable wristband printing solution.

  • RF Hard Tag Detacher
    RF Hard Tag Detacher
    Durable, easy-to-use detachers are available to remove most hard tags.
  • Bravo SE-3 Autoprinter and Disc Publishers
    Bravo SE-3 Autoprinter and Disc Publishers

    Bravo SE-3 is a compact, all-in-one, automated disc production device that fits perfectly on your desktop. It automatically copies and prints up to 20 discs per job and is perfect for a wide variety of light-to medium-duty disc publishing jobs.

  • Epson LQ 50 Dot Matrix Printer
    Epson LQ 50 Dot Matrix Printer
    This ultra-compact printer is ideal for small shop counters and delivery vans, offering reliable operation with a low TCO.
  • Retail Store Security Antenna 8.2Mhz RF System
    Retail Store Security Antenna 8.2Mhz RF System
    The RF antenna deters theft by activating alarm when it detects the unique response of an active reusable tag or disposable tag.
  • Canon MK1500 Ferrule Printer
    Canon MK1500 Ferrule Printer
    Best-in-class printing speed of 40 mm/s The high-speed printing feature helps the site worker print characters on a lot of media.
  • Indomax Heat Shrinkable Tubes
    Indomax Heat Shrinkable Tubes
    With MAX Ferrule Printing Machine, we can print on Heat Shrinkable Tube Normal size up to 8 mm ID.
  • UHF Medium Range Reader
    UHF Medium Range Reader
    The GEN812A is a compact, cost-effective network reader designed to support diverse RFID applications in both enterprise and industrial environments that require a scalable RFID system with a low cost per read point.
  • Zebra MC3190 Z RFID Reader
    Zebra MC3190 Z RFID Reader
    The MC3190-Z builds on with a rugged design and high performance industrial handheld with an advanced, high efficiency RFID reader engine for faster read rates and higher throughput.
  • SuperTag III
    SuperTag III

    This SuperTag provides top-of-the-line theft protection for everything from heavy outerwear to delicate intimate garments. The sleek shape provides a strong visual deterrent without detracting from high-end merchandise, letting retailers open-merchandise with confidence.

  • TSC TDP 247 Barcode Printer Head
    TSC TDP 247 Barcode Printer Head

    We are providing Best prices for TSC TDP 247 Barcode Printer Head. We are selling, distributing, supplying tsc all products such as tsc printers, tsc labels, tsc ribbons at best prices. If you want to get best price for tsc products you can call to 9810822688 or mail us at If you want to buy tsc products directly online you can log on to

  • Health Care Labels
    Health Care Labels
    Indian barcode manufactures good quality health care labels at best prices. Health care labels are essential in medical field, We manufacture high quality sterile and non-sterile health care labels specifically created for medical use.
  • Signature Slide Printer
    Signature Slide Printer

    Primera's new Signature Slide Printer can significantly increase the efficiency of your lab while helping to reduce the risk of misidentification of specimens. It prints directly onto slides, eliminating handwriting or expensive, difficult to apply xylene-resistant labels. With impressive 300 dpi print resolution, you can print text, graphics and logos along with high-resolution linear and 2D bar codes on every slide you process.

    Security holograms are labels with a hologram on them, they are used primarily for security reasons. Security holograms are very difficult to forge because they are replicated from a master hologram which requires expensive, specialized and technologically advanced equipment. It cannot be manufactured just like other stickers. Holograms have also been used even in currencies.
  • Disposable Hospital Caps
    Disposable Hospital Caps
    Barcode vault is the trusted name for manufacturing good quality Hospital Disposable Caps. Surgical caps are the headcover worn by doctors, nurses, patients, etc for avoiding hair contamination. Barcode vault has marked its presence as one of the forefront Disposal Medical Caps Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters from India. For the best quality hospital supplies contact us at +91 9717122688 or mail us to
  • Card Holder
    Card Holder

    Barcode Vault leading manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of Card Holders which is made by using finest quality plastic as raw material.

  • AP362 Label Applicator
    AP362 Label Applicator

    AP362 Label Applicator
    Primera’s AP-Series Label Applicators are the perfect semi-automatic labeling solution for cylindrical containers as well as many tapered containers, including bottles, cans, jars and tubes.

    Set-up and operation is fast and easy. Just:

    1. Set the guides
    2. Place your container in the machine
    3. Press the footswitch and your label is applied

    The built-in spring-loaded pressure arm makes sure labels are applied firmly and without wrinkles.

    With an AP-Series Label Applicator you’ll apply labels faster and more accurately – helping to speed up your production and sell more of your products!

  • TSC 244 Pro Label Printer
    TSC 244 Pro Label Printer
    The TTP-244 Pro or TSC 224 label or barcode printer provides a high quality barcode printing, fast print speed and the largest memory capacity,can handle variable ribbon sizes up to 300 meters length and width can be 110mm ,and is availablable on the affordable rates with 1 years warranty.
  • Standard Nylon Lanyards
    Standard Nylon Lanyards

    You can hang just about anything from these durable round braid nylon lanyards – and because they’re made to last a lifetime and come in twelve great colors, you’ll want to share them with all your employees, members or students.

  • Thor  VM1/CV41 Mini Computer
    Thor VM1/CV41 Mini Computer
    barcodevault Thor VM1 vehicle mount computer, the ideal forklift computer, outdoes the competition with design breakthroughs. In today’s supply chain, the only constant is change. Disruptions, whether short-term like a forklift failure, or long-term like a natural disaster, are a fact of life. The supply chains best prepared to adapt to these disruptions will use mobile computing technology that gives them greater flexibility. The Thor VM1 vehicle mount computer (VMC), part of the tenth generation of VMC developed by Honeywell, provides unprecedented flexibility in a mobile computer.
  • Mobile Computers CK3X
    Mobile Computers CK3X
    Featuring a highly adaptable design, the CK3X enables a variety of in-premise applications to reach their full workflow performance potential ,Full support from
  • Epson PLQ-20M Passbook Printer
    Epson PLQ-20M Passbook Printer
    EPSON PLQ-20M Print passbooks, visas, tickets and more at high speed and great quality with this tiny but powerful flatbed printer.
  • posiflex-xt-6715-pos-system
    POS terminal should add something to the overall mood of the store, to lift the shopping experience of the customers.
  • Epson 4650 XGA 3LCD Projector
    Epson 4650 XGA 3LCD Projector

    The Epson EB-4650 delivers brilliant presentations with incredible image quality and reliability. 

    White and Colour Brightness at 5,200lm

    XGA resolution

    Point correction to adjust distorted images

    Wide Lens Shift

    Epson iProjection

  • Standard Blank White PVC Cards
    Standard Blank White PVC Cards
    Standard Blank White PVC Cards are the most commonly used ID card - featuring standard credit card size in 30 mil thickness (known as CR8030 cards) - and work in nearly every ID card printer. This versatile blank PVC card can be used in many types of ID applications.
  • Zebra AN200 RFID ANTENNA
    Zebra AN200 RFID ANTENNA
    Zebra general purpose AN200 RFID antenna can be used reliably in a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments, from the warehouse to the production line to the docking zone.AN200 is a single port wide band antenna that offers maximum performance and is designed for use worldwide.
  • RFID Silicone Bracelets
    RFID Silicone Bracelets
    RFID Silicone Bracelets
  • Intermec PX6i RFID Printer
    Intermec PX6i RFID Printer
    A member of the smartest RFID printer family on the market, the PX6i is flexible and programmable, enabling customers to optimize their printing operations, streamline deployment, and achieve quick return on investment. Built to meet the needs of round-the-clock, mission-critical applications, the rugged PX6i delivers advanced connectivity and network protocols, ensuring peace-of-mind today and a reliable, scalable solution for the long haul. The PX6i RFID Printer is part of Intermec's complete line of smart, strong and secure industrial printers.
  • AM DR Soft Labels
    AM DR Soft Labels
    Small label footprint minimizes impact on brand promotion and important product information
  • Bartender Label Designer Software
    Bartender Label Designer Software
    Our most powerful edition. Includes all of the design, printing, software integration, and data sourcing features of the Automation edition, plus advanced server functions for centralized printing, security and administration. Supports RFID and all card printing and smart card encoding functions. Includes BarTender Web Print Server to print labels from any browser. Contains our most advanced integration features, including TCP/IP triggers, SAP AII, Oracle XML, XML transforms, and XML scripting. Includes full functionality for all of the Companion Applications, including Librarian and logging to centralized databases. Tracks printer parts inventory and in-printer media usage.
  • Stock Lot Papers
    Stock Lot Papers

    We are one of the Biggest Manufacturing, Importer, and Seller of high-quality Poly-Coated Papers. We offer this product in various specifications as per the need of clients. Fabricated using superior quality raw material and advanced technology, this is designed with high precision in order to meet the set industry standards. Clients can avail this product at a pocket-friendly price range. We give the Best Quality Products for our Clients.

    • POLY RELEASE 100 TO 120 GSM
  • RFID Hard Tags
    RFID Hard Tags
    Barcode vault Hard Tags have been designed to provide superior performance and high durability on a variety of surfaces at a low cost.A Radio Frequency Identification Tag (RFID tag) is an electronic tag that exchanges data with a RFID reader through radio waves.
  • Wax Ribbon IBCW12 and IBCW14A
    Wax Ribbon IBCW12 and IBCW14A

    Barcode Vault offers wax ribbon, resin ribbon, and wax-resin ribbon for printing on thermal transfer labels. If you have a thermal transfer printer you will need thermal transfer ribbon in order to print high-quality barcodes. All popular sizes and colors of thermal transfer ribbon are ready for direct delivery, with many others available by special order.

  • Primera Trio All-in-One Printer
    Primera Trio All-in-One Printer
    The Primera Trio is an all-in-one inkjet printer with scan and copy functions. It works with Windows and macOS. This printer is a multi-color ink cartridge and it must be replaced when a single color runs out and the capacity of the main paper tray is 10 sheets, rather small. The printer has no display screen, no networking capability, only direct USB Connection. you can also print from a camera or Laptop. when setting up for use, the Primera Trio requires a space that measures 10.9 inches high by11.2 inches wide 21.1 inches deep.