Affordable Prices
With  Barcode Vault you get the best value for your money on everything. We can do this because we are an India based company with low overhead costs and we pass the savings to you! Please contact Us for more information.
Performance and Selection
Barcode Vault has been distributing printers & scanners for over 20 years and our founders have designed and engineered printers for some biggest printer brand names in the industry. We focuses on all of the Barcode Solution, Card printing Solutions, EAS & RFID Solutions. We are the expert and have the best selection in the barcode printer, scanner, Card printers, EAS & RFID devices .
At Barcode Vault  we follow our printers to last. Our printers are heavier, have more powerful motors, and have more metal components in them than the others for one reason; reliability. Quality is the no.1 priority at Barcode Vault. We have met the quality standards of many world-class Fortune 500 companies around the globe. We back up our quality program with the longest and most comprehensive product warranties.
Ease of Use
When you get your Products from Barcode Vault, Printers will come with test labels and ribbons, a USB cable, and Windows drivers, and a Free Label Designer software, with database capability. All you need is your PC and within minutes, you will be up and running printing your own barcode labels.
Outstanding Service
Barcode Vault service is superior to the large process oriented Big Brand companies where they ask you for your account number and not your first name. When you call Barcode Vault, you get a caring knowledgeable person on the line immediately, and you get your answer then and there or we will give you a date for your answer and take ownership of calling you back before you will ever need to call us. Try it!
Fantastic Reseller Program
Barcode works just as hard on our Reseller Program as we do on our high performance / low-cost products. To learn more about the Barcode Vault  Reseller Program, contact Us and we will fill you in on the details.